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Goat Lady Soap Co.
Forever Changing Farm, Columbus NY

About Us...
Welcome to our little farm. We are nestled in the little hamlet of Columbus here in the beautiful hills of Central New York State. I raise Nubian, Boer and Pygmy goats, rabbits, chickens a few good barn cats and our faithful watch dog Zues who mostly watches us eat. I first got started making soap when I fell in love with the most beautiful spotted Nubian Doe named Sarah. She threw me a beautiful set of twins. Sadly she has passed on to greener hills but she left me with this passion of making soap from all the extra goat milk on hand. So here we are! I started out with three goats and they became a herd, I started out with a bar of soap and now I have a whole tub full, hence
Goat Lady Soap Co..

What We Offer...
Goat milk soap is so good for your skin its like taking a nice long drink after being on a desert island all day. Its nourishing, moisturizing chock full of vitamins and feels so good for what ails you. Smells delicious too!
No more itching from dry scaly skin, leaves you soft as a newborn babies butt. As a matter of fact it can be used on a newborn baby, its so pure.

Most of my soaps weigh right around 4 oz. give or take. I mostly make rectangle bars which are all hand cut so no two are alike. Some might be other shapes as when I see something I can use as a mold my imagination runs wild. If you have a special request I can give it a try. I also can do gift baskets, weddings, showers etc.